Our client:

    • Asian American fusion restaurant/food truck company
    • Famous for scallion pancake sandwiches
    • Sustainable value proposition
    • Competitors: BonMe, the Dining Car, Roxy’s; and restaurants within the vicinity of Mei Mei’s brick-and-mortar location and regular food truck locations.


    “To increase sales and loyalty to Mei Mei by increasing awareness and sales for private events (event “buyouts” and catering) among high-potential prospects around the BU campus.”


    We conducted different research strategies, namely through observation and surveys from our quantitative and qualitative research.

    Qualitative Research Findings

    Mei Mei's Private Event Observation

    • Pre-wedding celebration party
    • Price: minimum of $2400
    • Menu: Easy customization within Mei Mei’s offerings
    • Limited serving capacity: < 40 people
    • Biggest revenue generator

    Individual Interviews

    • High interests in dumpling class
    • Price: above most people’s budgets
    • Faculties have higher WTP
    • Low awareness of Mei Mei’s other lines of business besides the food truck
    • Low presence on social media
  • Importance of certain attributes for events & catering
  • Food, customization, ambiance, price, etc.
  • Willingness to spend on catering per person
  • Past experience with Mei Mei
  • Mei Mei’s social media influence
  • Factors to increase interests
  • Coupons, student discount, complimentary dessert, and drinks
  • Demographic questions
  • Age
  • Faculty or student
  • Chosen Subject Pool:

    Feedback for Survey:

    1. We added screening questions
    2. We took out questions asking about dumpling classes
    3. We changed the format to incorporate likert scale questions
    4. We ask relevant question first, then introduce mei mei then ask questions about mei mei
    5. In the first survey, for the question “after being introduced, how likely are you to use their catering services each year” options were quantifiable (once, twice..). We change it to a to likert scale to have more qualitative answer


    1. Students are not willing to pay premium prices for catering
    2. Mei Mei’s corporate event, buyouts, and catering services should be focused on faculty members and/or professionals in the area
    3. High interest in coupons – potential to generate more awareness

    Recommendation 1: Student Group Fundraising

    Recommendation 2: Discount on Catering Service

    Recommendation 3: Showcasing Food Presentation & Wide Variety of Food


    Mei Mei should set presentation of food and variety as its top priority for catering service since people value those 2 attributes the most


    This is what their Instagram page looked like before, pretty scattered with only a few food photos here and there:

    To showcase their food presentation and variety of food:

    1. They can spend money on professional photographers to take pictures of their food.
    2. Encourage customers to take pictures of their food
    3. Use the hashtag #meimeiboston and repost those pictures.
    4. Have a more professional and uniform aesthetic.
    5. This is what an ideal Mei Mei page would look like: Very uniform, professional, mouthwatering.

    1. They can encourage people to write Yelp reviews to highlight their excellent customer service
    2. When people “check-in” on Yelp, Mei Mei can provide a free drink or appetizer

      These four recommendations were presented to Mei Mei and their founder, Irene, as ideas to help further improve their operations.