• As a creative marketer with experience in the Hospitality/F&B industry and E-commerce industry, I hope to continue my path in within the same industries, or if the opportunity presented itself, in new industries.

    I grew up in Hong Kong and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree from Boston University where I completed a dual concentration in Marketing and Retail.
    Right after graduation I went straight into working for Gaia Group and after that, joined Dining Concepts. I have learnt a lot at two of Hong Kong's top restaurant groups and hope to find a place next that will further my career in the Food and Beverage industry. Find out more in the "Experience" page.
    I created this website to exhibit my photography, graphic design, and to showcase the creative projects I’ve worked on over the years. I find engaging people through imagery very fascinating and extremely powerful. However, in this day and age that alone is not enough, the market is getting more and more saturated with brilliant concepts and branding ideas so much so that we need to forecast trends and become leaders. Our marketing tools are endless and we must take advantage of them to outshine competitors.
    Feel free to browse through my work on this website, I coded this entire site from scratch on my own. I hope you enjoy checking out my portfolio!