• My name is Jackie I grew up going to Hong Kong, attending Hong Kong International School and then moving on to Boston University to pursue a business degree. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a dual concentration in marketing and retail.

    But what do I want to do? What goals do I want to achieve with these titles and 18 years of school? Well, to be honest - I’ve enjoyed the industries I've had opportunities in F&B and E-commerce. Moving forward I am interested in exploring jobs in innovative startups in other industries. I am very adaptable and eager to learn.

    Ever since graduation I went straight into working at Gaia Group and then later at Dining Concepts, both respectable F&B groups in Hong Kong. I learned a lot at both companies and was keen to continue my growth as my interest for the industry keep expanding exponentially. As each day passes my passion for the F&B flourished much beyond what I initially sought whilst job hunting. Read more about my time there in the "Experience" page.

    After working in F&B roles for 2 years, I moved on to an E-commerce company called Jaydenbaby. Along with marketing responsibilites I assisted on the growth of this company mainly by sourcing new opportunities and coordinating trade shows.

    In my past jobs, I got to dabble in photography whilst managing social media platforms marketing roles and business development in general. With the company’s trust and support I was able to explore the other side of marketing. Learning from my peers and big projects my focus gradually shifted. My role was neither fully data analysis, fully creative, nor fully PR, it was right in between all three.

    Feel free to browse through my work on this website, I coded this entire site from scratch on my own. I hope you enjoy checking out my portfolio!